AGRIPAK INTERNATIONA is a well renowned name in the World's of Agriculture Sector.
  A Reliable name in the World of Agriculture

Massey Ferguson Tractors, NewHolland Fiat Tractors, John Deere Tractors,

Tractors Exports form Pakistan (Brand New Tractor, Reconditioned Tractor, Used Tractors)

Offers world renowned Massey Ferguson & NewHolland Tractors on International Quality Standards, Emission and Leakage Controlled on affordable prices along with guranttee and availability. AGRIPAK Supplied Tractors are worthable in after sales.

Massey Ferguson Tractor

NewHolland Tractor

NewHolland Fiat Tractor


MF 240 (2wd, 50hp) Tractor

MF 260 (2wd, 60hp) Tractor

MF 350 (2wd, 50hp) Tractor

MF 375 (2wd, 75hp) Tractor

MF 385 (2wd, 85hp) Tractor

MF 385 (4wd, 85hp) Tractor

MF 290 (2wd, 90hp) Tractor

MF 265 (2wd, 65hp) Tractor

MF 590 (2wd, 99hp) Tractor

NH 55-56 (2wd, 55hp) Tractor

NH 60-56 (2wd, 60hp) Tractor

NH 304 (2wd & 4wd, 35hp) Tractor

NH TD95s (2wd & 4wd, 105hp) Tractor

NH (Fiat) 480 (2wd, 55hp) Tractor

NH (Fiat) 640 (2wd, 75hp) Tractor

NH 640S (2wd, 85hp) Tractor

Fiat-Ghazi (2wd, 65hp) Tractor